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Do you have what it takes to win the PCH Sweepstakes?

“Jeopardy!” has been an extremely popular syndicated TV show for over thirty years.  It would not surprise me if most of you blog readers are familiar with the show and know how to play the game at home.

So let’s pretend we’re playing “Jeopardy!” and the em-cee announces “Today’s clue is … John Wyllie, Michael Miller and Tamar Howard.”

What would be your response?

If you said “What three singers sang ‘Three Coins in the Fountain,’ the em-cee would have to say “Sorry, not correct.”

But if you said “Who won huge SuperPrizes in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?” you would hear a resounding “Yes!” from the em-cee.

Then you would proceed to the next round, and the clue there is … “A positive attitude.”

What would be your response?  If you said “What do all PCH Sweepstakes winners seem to have in common?” you would again be given a resounding “Yes!”

The next clue is … “Daily.”   And if you said “How often can you enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?” you would again be CORRECT!

Well, you get the idea.  With your correct answers you have what it takes to be on the receiving end of a Prize Patrol visit.

John, Michael and Tamar, just a few of our recent SuperPrize winners, won multi-million dollar prizes that sure changed their lives.  They are now definitely now “set for life”!

Here’s a final Jeopardy!-type clue:  “Definitely!!!!”

And the easy response is: “Would you like a Big Check worth thousands or millions of dollars from PCH?”

While you may not be a contestant on the Jeopardy! TV show, you can be a contestant in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes now!  If you want to become “set for life” like some of our past SuperPrize winners, enter to win $7,000 Every Week For Life on right now!

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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