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Breaking News! October 23rd Special Early Look Results Are In!

Hello everyone! It’s Danielle of the PCH Prize Patrol with some important news regarding the Publishers Clearing House prize award taking place in just days! Take a look at the video below.



Yes, the results of our October 23rd Special Early Look are in. Just like what can happen in the state lotteries, there was no match to the winning number in our drawing this time.

When that happens in the state lotteries, that usually means there will be no winner. But here at PCH it’s a different story because we’re all about winning and we LOVE making Millionaires for free!! So on October 23rd, the other members of the Prize Patrol and I will hit the road and award a BIG $1 Million prize to the lucky winner of our second-chance drawing.

Wow! ONE MILLION DOLLARS – that’s pretty good for a second chance, don’t you think? Amazing even. Just ask winner Penny Pompa who was about to lose her house before the Prize Patrol showed up with $1 Million. Or Robb Gonzales who pledged to pay off his bills with his $1 Million SuperPrize, and “who knows what” after that!

The fact is, if you entered, we could be bringing a “BIG CHECK” for $1 Million to your house in just days and your life could change for the better, too!

So friends, what do you think? Will we be heading North, South, East or West for the next “winning moment” on October 23rd? I can’t say! But what I can say is, I just can’t wait to meet our next PCH SuperPrize winner! Stay tuned to find out more and make sure you check out the PCH blog on prize day for clues from the road.

All the best!

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

P.S. The BIG ONE is coming! PCH will definitely give away a multi-millionaire making prize at the end of PCH Giveaway No. 4900 early next year, even if there is no matching winning number in that final drawing. Keep entering if you want to win it!

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