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A Night-Cap with The Prize Patrol

After spending many hours on Prize Patrol duty delivering a Big Check or two, Todd, Danielle and I have been known to have a night-cap in the hotel’s lounge – at which time we recount the day’s adventures and plan the next day’s activities.  The conversation inevitably includes some memories of past sweepstakes winners and their “winning moments.”  When we have some newer Prize Patrol deputies with us – like Dillon or Howie – they enjoy hearing us “swap yarns.”

One theme of our stories that always intrigues them is the large number of million-dollar (and up) winners who have been mighty grateful that PCH conducts “second chance drawings.” These drawings have occurred over the years when the “winning number” is either not returned by mail or when there is not a match between an online entry’s number and the randomly generated winning number for a giveaway.

I can recall years ago being present at drawings when we’d learn the winning number, then find out that the person who was mailed that number never sent it back.  “Oh that poor person!” we’d groan.  (I remember one woman we met telling us that if she ever found out that she had made such a costly mistake she’d never forgive herself.)

Of course here at Publishers Clearing House, we love awarding prizes. So when there is not a winner on “the first try” or on a “Special Early Look”, oftentimes we conduct a “second chance drawing” right then and there.  Why wait when we know from first-hand experience that a Big Check can be put to important use right now!

Yessir, the Prize Patrol has arrived just in time with million dollar SuperPrizes for these “second chance” winners: Julie Laughlin (who was about to lose her house), Elise Gutierrez (whose home needed rebuilding after not one but two hurricanes!), Jason Clark (who needed some hours off from many years on a Mississippi barge), Mark Johnson (who was facing serious health challenges), Karl Jonsson (out of work on disability), and Robb Gonzales (forced by a rent increase to move).

Well, we could go on, but you get the idea.  We have tons of heart-warming stories that could keep us talking into the wee hours.  But one night-cap is enough – because we have important work tomorrow.  Yes, tomorrow we’ll be on the road delivering a big $1 Million Dollar Prize to one lucky winner – maybe even you.

How would One Million Dollars change your life? Comment below and let us know. And be sure to check back right here at our PCHBlog tomorrow where we’ll be sharing clues and updates from the road.

Best of luck,
Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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