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The New PCH App is Taking Over – Here’s Why You Should Download It Today!

Introduced in September as a “mobile must-have,” the new PCH App is making it even easier for fans to take advantage of everything they love about the PCH website – plus a few bonuses exclusive to PCH App users!

PCH App 

The PCH App is a bit like a clearinghouse for all of the fantastic PCH apps – including Play&Win and PCHLotto Blast – that bring you great games and millionaire-making giveaways on-the-go!

So when we say you should download the new PCH App today because it’s the greatest of all the PCH apps, your reaction might be, “Well, give me one good reason.” OK, here you go …

Reason #1 – It’s FREE – for both iPhone/iPad and Android users

Reason #2 – Bonus SuperPrize entries available exclusively to PCH App users

Reason #3 – Access to the PCHLotto Blast App where you can score free entries to PCH contests that could win you up to $25,000 instantly, plus a daily chance to become a millionaire

Reason #4 – Instant access to all of your favorite PCH apps, each of which brings opportunities to win CASH and other valuable prizes

Reason #5 – Access to your favorite PCH games and scratch cards where you can score oodles of tokens, then redeem them for (yes, you guessed it!) even more chances to win

Reason #6 – Built-in search engine (PCHSearch&Win) lets you conduct Internet searches and collect SuperPrize entries (with first search of the day post-login)

Reason #7 – News and entertainment info at your fingertips (PCHFrontpage)

Reason #8 – Access to free third-party apps that match your online lifestyle, each of which could bring you an added entry to win a SuperPrize

Dick Van Patten may have believed that “eight is enough,” but we’ll give you one more good reason to download the PCH App today: you love PCH and want our latest and greatest technology at your fingertips.

By now, you should be ready to download the PCH App (see download links in Reason #1) and check out all that it has to offer. So we’re not going to stand in your way. Go get the PCH App NOW!

Happy downloading,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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