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Get Excited! It’s Time To Announce Our October Token Exchange Winners!

Greetings PCH Fans!

As you all know, it’s no secret that here at PCH we love nothing more than to make fans just like you BIG WINNERS! Nothing feels quite as exciting as winning, and today I am here to give a huge shout out and some well-deserved recognition to the newest winners here at Publishers Clearing House!

So, who are these lucky folks? Well, they’re the smart ones who earned tokens at places like,, PCHSearch&Win or PCHFrontpage, and redeemed them for a chance to win something great from our PCHRewards Token Exchange! The spectacular prizes they received range from lots of cash to exciting gift cards, awesome new tablet devices and even some shiny new kitchen and household gadgets!

Now without further hesitation, let me take a few minutes to congratulate our October Token Exchange winners…

PCHRewards Token Exchange Winners

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 1.39.27 PM

WOW! Did you see all those winners and all those prizes?!? That’s 48 October Token Exchange winners in all!

Do you want to feel the excitement of winning, just like these folks? Remember to get started right now by logging in (or registering, if you are a first time user) to start earning your tokens. Once you rack up enough, be sure to visit the PCHRewards Token Exchange and redeem them for a chance at any of the available prizes! If you win, YOUR name could be featured on our winners list next month! You have nothing to lose…and so much to WIN!!!

Best Of Luck!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

P.S. Which of these amazing prizes would you most want to win? Tell us below!

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