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Do Young People Ever Win at Publishers Clearing House?

Publishers Clearing House has given away more than $260 Million worth of prizes, and that means a LOT of Big Checks have been given to many DIFFERENT kinds of people! Why is that? Well, as you loyal blog readers know, PCH doesn’t choose who wins based on any personal criteria…it’s all the luck of the draw! Because of that, our winners come from all walks of life…and all ages too!

young people 

Even though a smart blog fan like you probably already understands this, there are still some people who ask us “do young people ever win at Publishers Clearing House?!” And the answer is, of course they do! In their mind, the typical Publishers Clearing House winner is the retiree, sitting at home when the Prize Patrol shows up.

Of course that couldn’t be further from the truth!  For example, here’s a video of our most recent SuperPrize winner, Desiree Scudder:


She is clearly what you would call “young,” and is proof positive that people under 40 win all the time too!

And here’s another fact: your age (or race, location, socioeconomic status, etc.) plays NO factor in whether you win or not. When a winning number is drawn, none of those variables are even known!

young people1 

We love all of our PCH Fans and Winners! So don’t let your age (or anything else, for that matter) hold you back from entering for your chance to win. Enter today and every chance you get!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

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