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What Are Cookies And Cache? What Is Javascript? & Answers to Other FAQ’s!

Hello there! There’s so much to love at the PCH online family of sites! As a PCH online user, you might occasionally be prompted with some unfamiliar computer terms. If you have ever wondered: what are cookies and cache or what is javascript, PCH has created a great new PCH Fundamentals video to help answer some frequently asked questions regarding key computer terms.

In this short video, Jess expertly explains the following computer terms in a way that is simple and easy to undersand: Cookies and Cache, Javascript, Taking an Update and Browser. Take a look!


So, what do you think? Did you find the video helpful? Here’s some of the most important information to remember…

What are Cookies and Cache? You might be asked to clear your Cookies and Cache on occasion. Cookies and Cache are stored in your computer’s web browser, like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to keep track of website information so you can surf the internet more quickly. Occasionally, your cookies and cache will show you out of date information that will need to be deleted before new information will appear.

What is Javascript? Javascript is a computer programing language that runs behind the scenes on the internet. It needs to be enabled in order for you to enjoy all the fun games and giveaways we have here at Publishers Clearing House.

Why Do I Need to Take an Update:  You might be asked to take an update from time to time. That’s because at PCH, we are always changing and advancing to bring you the very best experiences. But we need to get them to you, and we do that with updates.

What Browser Am I On?  Sometimes you might be asked which browser you are using before you can take an update or perform other standard maintenance. A browser is what enables you to connect to the internet, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. In some cases you will need to know the version number too. This can usually be found by going to the about section of your browser which should appear if you click the help or question mark icon.

I hope you found this PCH Fundamentals video helpful. If you still have questions, explore our FAQ pages for more useful information. And don’t forget to take a look at all PCH Fundamentals videos for more on the topics our fans want to hear about the most!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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