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Second Chance Winner Sure Is Satisfied With His $1 Million Prize!

When the Prize Patrol showed up at Boris Clinton’s place with a $1 Million Prize, you could say he wasn’t expecting them.  Boris works from home, so he wasn’t exactly dressed for the occasion, but the Prize Patrol didn’t care!  After all, there’s nothing they love more than surprising big SuperPrize winners! Watch Boris’ winning moment to see what we mean!


We “LOL’d” here at PCH when Boris grabbed the check and said, “I can use that!” And who couldn’t use $1 Million, right? The funny thing is, we’ve seen some people get disappointed when we one of our “Special Early Look” drawings results in a $1 Million Second Chance Prize. I mentioned this to Boris, and he was shocked!

“I didn’t know people thought that. But I don’t mind at all! It was preordained that I won! I play PCH every day, so it was cool to have it pay off. As a second chance winner I count myself lucky. But I also contribute that luck to playing PCH all the time.”

We asked Boris if he was disappointed at all that he didn’t win a bigger prize, but his reaction couldn’t be further from disappointment!

Boris Clinton Second Chance on Life

“My reaction? It was like, ‘holy crap, I won a million bucks!’ It was quite spectacular. I mean I’ve seen people online win $10,000, $20,000… so $1 million? I feel spectacular!”

Although he won a while ago, Boris is still very excited about his good fortune.

“I thought I was going to keep a low profile, but I keep telling people! I keep running my mouth about it. So when they don’t believe me, I just show them on the Internet. I tell them ‘just search for Boris Clinton and PCH, and you’ll see that it’s real!’ And then they just laugh and laugh.”

Boris just bought a Z4 BMW (“it’s an S-Drive 35iS!” he exclaims), and was proud to show us some pictures. Wow, it sure looks great!


With all of this luck, we asked him if he felt like he got a second chance on life.

“I do feel I got a second chance on life. I’m going to pay it forward too, donating money, that sort of thing. Helping other people I know.  And I just try to educate people too. So many people think it isn’t real, but I tell them ‘look at me! It’s gotta be real!’”

PCH Winner and Prize Patrol

You can tell that Boris is truly thankful. But he still plays PCH every day (“I love collecting those tokens. I don’t even want to [redeem them,] I’m greedy with my tokens!”), and is happy with what he has already won.

“I’m not choosy! I enjoy what I’ve got…I’m completely satisfied.”

Well Boris, we’re glad to hear it! And for everyone else who would be satisfied with $10,000.00 A Week For Life or a $1,000,000 Second Chance Prize, we encourage you to not just enter today, but enter EVERY DAY!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

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  1. Looks like I fell for a second Tome. Once in February. And now. It’s back. But boy are they getting good this ti me I heard a womens voice from PCH. Then I called a number and they said I was a second place Winn &500 a week plus $2.500 million from the April drawing when I called the. Number a very nice man asked for PCH o and then he also confirmed I was a PCH winner. How sick these people are. The names are Kenny phone no. The other name is Howie Gieja. Phone. information. No is my claim no was pch2590 from the April winning for 2nd place