Congratulations to Our November PCHRewards Token Exchange Winners!

If you are a big PCH fan, then you know we absolutely LOVE awarding prizes! And this month, we were able to award SO MANY PRIZES at our PCHRewards Token Exchange! Remember folks, that’s the place that folks who play games and earn tokens at places like, PCHgames, PCHlotto, PCHFrontpage and PCHSearch&Win can go to redeem their tokens for chances to win awesome gift cards, merchandise and even cold hard cash!

And now, we are so excited to announce our November PCHRewards Token Exchange winners and the prizes they received! Please join me in congratulating the following winners:

PCHRewards Token Exchange Winners List

Microsoft Word - winners.docx

WOW! That was a long list of November PCHRewards Token Exchange winners, am I right?! Wouldn’t YOU like to make the winners list next month? If so, keep playing and keep gathering those tokens at sites like, PCHgames, PCHlotto, PCHFrontpage and PCHSearch&Win! You never know – one day you could be a big PCH Rewards Token Exchange Winner like those folks!

Wishing all of you happy gaming, and best of luck!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

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  1. Yes I am a fan with Publishers Clearing House Games and everything that they have to offer me to play I love playing the games PCH Lottery PCH games PCH searching I am a big fan of PCH I hardly get no sleep I pray that Publishing Clearing House to see you very very very very soon today is Monday and today is the fourth I pray that I see you sometime this week Grace Weaver

  2. I am playing as a VIP i wish I Win in November or other Player Win . I am out of money no more money to pay rent and support my family I don’t have job I missed my orientation when I was busy playing Games . I love PCH PCH is my hope show me some light . best regards: Shamhirodin Nizamodin Dallas TX.