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Will YOU become our next “Forever” Prize Winner?

February 26th Forever Prize Winner

We’re getting close to the final countdown, dear blog readers!

That’s right, there’s a spot waiting in our  “Forever” Prize Winners Circle for our FOURTH “Forever” Prize winner! Watch the video below to see what I mean…


Yes YOU could make PCH history in a matter of weeks … and become the FOURTH lucky winner who’d collect $5,000 a week for your life – with those weekly $5,000 payments continuing AFTER that for the life of someone dear to you!

Our first three “Forever” Prize Winners – John Wyllie, Michael Miller and Tamar Howard – are VERY happy that they kept the faith and kept entering faithfully – and entering is just what you’ve got to do if you want us add you to “the book” on February 26th …

Next Forever Prize Winner

Just a friendly warning: there is not much time left to enter to win this life-changing prize, so I’m imploring you: DON’T WAIT!  Even if you’ve entered before …  you never know which entry could be the one that makes you the big winner.

We’ve got so many fast and easy ways to enter, so there’s really no excuse for NOT entering – today, tomorrow and every day.

So, I’ll repeat my original question: Will YOU become our next “Forever” Prize Winner? 

Someone will definitely win – do everything you can to make it YOU!

Enter NOW, my blog pals!

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