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“… And the winner is …”

And the winner is

Award season for 2015’s movies is upon us, and the anticipation is building.  Who will be named the best performers of the year?  In leading roles?  In supporting roles?  What movie will be “the best”?   Etc., etc., etc.

Here at Publishers Clearing House we can’t help but think back over the previous year, remembering the stand-out performances that we Prize Patrol’ers witnessed on winners’ doorsteps.  Naturally, every winner was special in his or her own way: some screamed, some cried, some collapsed; others stood dumbfounded and asked us to pinch them to prove they weren’t dreaming.  With so many winners it’s impossible to say who was “best.”  Sure, Tamar Howard was the “biggest” prize winner, receiving $5,000 a week “forever” (for her lifetime and then for the lifetime of a loved one she chose).  But we awarded many smaller prizes – like $10,000 – to winners who definitely qualified for dramatic honors.  And some of the bystanders showed shock that rivaled the speechless reactions you see on awards shows.

Of course, the “winning” performances you see in our PCH TV commercials are not at all like those you see on Hollywood’s “Silver Screen.”  Ours are totally unrehearsed and unscripted; there’s no director behind the camera shouting “Lights! Camera! Action!”  There’s no wardrobe or make-up or hairstylist standing by.  No sir: Our “winning moments” are 100% reality – even though they often seem like a dream.

While 2015 was a great year for “winning,” you might be thinking, “Sure. Great for those people.  But how about me?  I want to win!”

Well, it’s not too late.  YOU could become the biggest winner in early 2016 – because our next “Forever” prize will definitely be awarded just days from now. The deadline for entering is February 19th – and it’s approaching fast; so enter NOW.

Just imagine: On February 26th the Prize Patrol could arrive at your door — with roses, balloons and a Big Check — and announce …

“And the winner is …. [fill in your name here]!”

Is your acceptance speech ready?

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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