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Haven’t Ever Won? Keep the Faith!


Sweepstakes Winner Donna Botha


I’ve never won anything in my life!” cried Donna Botha of Lawton, Oklahoma, when the Prize Patrol surprised her last week with roses, balloons and a Big Check – for $10,000.00

“— except for these two beautiful kids” she quickly added as daughter Angel and son Joe watched the totally unexpected presentation.

PCH Sweepstakes Winner

But Donna was surely a winner now – because she never gave up. She entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes every day hoping that a “winning moment” like she’d seen countless times on TV would happen at her own front door. And it did!

Donna’s boyfriend Marco heard all the commotion and came running to see what was going on. He was thrilled for Donna but had to admit he’d been hoping to win himself – because he also enters our sweepstakes “all the time.”

PCH Sweepstakes Winner dONNA botha

“Well, keep entering!” we advised Marco. “And you are still eligible to win more, Donna” we added. “We could be back – maybe with millions the next time!”

Donna has lived all over the USA having grown up in a military family, and she’s still devoted to the military. She works at neighboring Fort Sill’s hospital and wants to remain in the area. The prize money is already earmarked for a down payment on a house, something she would dearly love for her family – and her three dogs who were too noisy and excited to share in the festivities.

We Prize Patrol’ers were proud to award a Big Check to someone like Donna who joins our military in serving this great country of ours. Congratulations, Donna!

Now – for the rest of you: Do you ever feel like “I’ll never win” ???   Well, Donna says she felt the same way on occasion. But she kept entering, and look what happened! “Believe me, it’s REAL”  she told our video camera as she encouraged all our PCH fans to “never give up.”

Watch Donna’s winning moment here!


So if you haven’t ever won, follow what Donna did and enter today and every day – at, PCHSearch&Win  or any of our other play & win sites – and YOU could become a winner too.

Dave Sayer

PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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