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How would you react if you won $5,000 A Week “Forever”?

Win $5,000 A Week Forever

Hey Fans,

This is it!!! With just 2 days to go before we crown our 4th “Forever” Prize winner, the vibe here is absolutely electric! Everyone at PCH is wondering who will be next (YOU??) and what the reaction will be to winning $5,000 a week, every single week, for not one… but TWO LIFETIMES!

Tell me you’ve thought about it. Heck, maybe you’ve even practiced winning in the mirror a couple dozen times. So, should you win, will you be…

Shaking with tears of joy like John Wyllie, our first “Forever” Prize winner?
Stunned and completely speechless like Michael Miller?
Jumping up and down in sheer bliss like Tamar Howard?

Tamar Howard Forever Winner

The possibilities are endless! And that’s why I’m writing…

You see, despite all of the winners we’ve had over the years (5,700,000 winners, to be exact!), there are some reactions we just HAVEN’T SEEN YET. And, frankly, I think they’re overdue.

No pressure, mind you. We want you to be yourself, should you win. BUT wouldn’t it be COMPLETELY EPIC if the Prize Patrol pulled up to your home, knocked on your door, gave you a big fat check for $5,000 A Week “Forever” and you…

PLAY AIR GUITAR! You’re so excited to win that you start shredding a heavy metal solo while everyone around you, including the Prize Patrol, rocks right along. Hands are raised. Heads are banging. Everything is right in the world.

PERFORM BALLET! You rip off your tracksuit to reveal a bright white unitard, and start pirouetting around your property to the delight of onlookers everywhere. Finally, when you’ve exhausted every kick, turn and grand jete, you bow to the glorious sound of applause. A real winner.

RIDE OFF INTO THE SUNSET! You grab your hat, saddle and steed – along with the big check (leather chaps optional) – and ride off into the warm, orangey glow of knowing you and a loved one will never have to worry about money again! YEEHAW!!

Come on, now! Doesn’t that sound like fun! Of course, if you’d rather wait and see what your reaction would be, we completely understand. Remember the “Forever” Prize pays $5,000 a week for the life of the winner plus, after that, $5,000 a week for someone the winner chooses. With that kind of money – a real legacy – anything can happen!

Here’s wishing that it happens to you!

Good luck,

Fred P.
PCH Creative

P.S. Tell us in the comments below: How would YOU react to winning on Friday?


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