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Meet Ryan Hart, Publishers Clearing House’s New Sweepstakes Winner

Sweepstakes Winner Ryan Hart

The Prize Patrol’s highly anticipated “Forever” prize delivery on February 26th “got off to a shaky start – with weather delays and assorted disruptions knocking us off our usual minute-by-minute timetable.  But that was just as well.  If we had arrived an hour earlier we would have had to rouse our new Sweepstakes winner – Ryan Hart of Osceola, Iowa – out of bed!

But now Ryan was up, fixing his breakfast.  When he glanced out the window he couldn’t believe his eyes.  There was the Prize Patrol coming to his front door — with roses, balloons, champagne and (ta –dah) a Big Check!  As three excited dogs were corralled inside, Ryan stepped quietly onto the porch.

Now we know that many hopeful sweepstakes entrants think they’d jump up and down and scream if the “winning moment” happened to them.  On the other hand we’ve seen many real Sweepstakes winners react exactly the way Ryan did: he stood stunned and speechless as if to say “Am I dreaming?”

This was no dream.  This Big Check — worth $5,000 a week “Forever” — had Ryan Hart’s name on it, meaning that the job hunting he was planning to continue later that morning could wait for another day.  Right there on the spot, we handed him a real check for the first ten weeks: $50,000.00.  What a welcome windfall for a guy who lost his job at a local turkey hatchery some time ago. You can watch it all unfold below:


Plus, also check out the news coverage by KCAU:


Ryan, at 21 our youngest “Forever” prize winner ever, lives with his dad Rick in this small town just south of Des Moines.  After Rick thanked God for the blessing, Ryan called family members scattered around the state.  “You’re not serious” was his sister’s response.  Ryan’s mother couldn’t believe it until she received a cellphone photo of him with the Big Check.

Winning the “Forever” prize provides Ryan with $5,000 a week for the rest of his life and then $5,000 a week for the lifetime of a beneficiary he will soon choose.  In the short-term, Ryan says he will help his father – who holds two jobs – pay off and fix up their house which needs expensive repair. After that … who knows?   He now has the unfamiliar luxury of planning a very financially secure future.

Prize Patrol with New Sweepstakes Winner

Congratulations Ryan, and welcome to our huge and ever-growing family of Sweepstakes winners!  And to the rest of you, hoping to follow in Ryan’s footsteps: Enter every chance you get and you could become a winner too.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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