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Win $50,000 For Your Dream Car! Dream Car Sweepstakes


Now’s your chance to drive off with a whopping $50,000 to buy the hottest, dreamiest, most head-turning dream car you can find!

Win your dream car

That’s right! If you’ve been jonesing for a vehicle that doesn’t chug chug chug before it peters out at the end of your driveway — then you’ve come to right place. Publishers Clearing House is giving away enough money to make your next car scream “Look at me! Look at me!” loud enough for all of your neighbors to sneer!

So, what gets your motor running?
That is, what revs up your engine?
I mean, what kind of dream car gets your wheels turning? (so many puns, so little time)

Fifty thousand dollars is a lot of money — so take your time and really think! It’s enough to trade any hunk of junk for something big and luxurious like a brand new Lincoln MKT, something sleek and stylish like a Mercedes SLK, or maybe something fast and furious like the Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang (I’m getting whiplash just thinking about it). Tell us which car is your dreamiest.

If you ask me, however, the answer would be: keep the car you have and CUSTOMIZE IT! Imagine… $50,000 worth of modifications to create a car that nobody’s ever seen before; something that really reflects WHO YOU ARE.

I’m a big commuter, for example. I spend hours in my little Hyundai Elantra each day so I’d want it to be extra comfortable, reliable in any weather and full of conveniences. So my modifications might include:

  • A built-in shower with full-body blow dryer. Think of the time I’d save in the morning if I could bathe on the way to work! And if I keep my work clothes on at the same time, I’d save on laundry time too! Brilliant!
  • Monster truck wheels. Rain, snow, hail… nothing would stop me with these bad boys on my car! Plus, it could be a new way to get around heavy traffic. (if you’ve ever been to a monster truck rally, you know…)
  • Voice activated breakfast caddy. Hot, tasty egg sandwiches at my beck and call — now that’s what I call living! YUM!
  • Waterproof memory foam seats with built-in massage. What’s better after a long day at work than 500 little motorized fingers kneading and tapping away your tension? (…my guess would be 500 real fingers but this is the next best thing!)
  • Finally, if there’s any money left, I’d like to paint the side of my car to look like I’m on a motorcycle (because I’ve always wanted to try one — but never had the guts).

Dream Car

Now doesn’t that sound like fun? Of course, you can buy whatever you’d like should you win our $50,000 For a Dream Car prize – so enter today! But whatever your driving pleasure, one thing is certain: you’ll love it!

Good luck and ride on!

Fred P.
PCH Creative

P.S. Don’t forget to comment below, and tell us what kind of car you’d buy (or customize) with your $50,000.

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