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“Prize Patrol, Race to My House – PLEASE!”

Phew, if you’re like me, you’re thinking you’d like this “race to the White House” to hurry up. Sure it’s important, but it’s been demanding everyone’s attention since last summer and has many more months to go: with more debates, countless interviews, two conventions and potential twists and turns in the political drama.

Amid all the speeches are all kinds of “promises” to make things “better” for hard-working people.  Well, “better” – like more money in our pockets or bank accounts — would be nice; but we all know that such progress – if any – will take a long time to materialize.  In the meantime many of you are surely saying “I can’t wait that long.  I want help now! Forget the race to the White House!  I want Publishers Clearing House to race to my house – the sooner the better!

We hear you!  That’s why we award prizes every day and why the Prize Patrol delivers dozens of Big Checks worth many thousands and millions of dollars every year. Of course every recipient can use the money – because unpaid bills have a pesky way of keeping us awake at night.  But, often — almost miraculously — we arrive just in the nick of time.  For example, in December, as we presented a Million Dollar SuperPrize to Laurie Aragon in Farmington, NM, the power company pulled up to turn off her electricity due to non-payment.  Other winners have rejoiced that the “winning moment” allowed them to get needed medical care or replace an old jalopy or get a new roof or stay in school.

What’s remarkable about these stories is that a person can enter our sweepstakes (every day online) and perhaps only days or a few weeks later see the Prize Patrol race to their front door, ring the bell and announce “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

Does that sound like a dream come true?  Well, for thousands of PCH winners that dream became a reality.  So, race to your computer, go to or PCHSearch&Win, PCHLotto or PCHFrontpage and enter!

The race is on!  Good luck!

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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