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Self Driving PP Van

Time magazine recently published an article about self-driving cars – which may be years closer to reality than most people think.  Many auto experts predict that in the mid 2020’s fully-automated vehicles will be on our highways virtually eliminating accidents, traffic congestion and lots of car maintenance headaches.  Some say we will be able to program our cars to take us to a shopping mall, drop us off (so we don’t have to worry about parking), then pick us up hours later and take us home.  Phew!

I guess Publishers Clearing House could also program the Prize Patrol van to take the roses, balloons and Big Check to a winner’s door – and Todd, Danielle, Howie and I could just stay home.  Well, that might save us some hassles and company money (no hotels, no meals, etc.).  But we don’t want to stay home!  We love traveling all over the country, knocking on doors and knocking the socks off winners with our surprise visits.  We are proud of the more than 1,000 Prize Patrol deliveries we have made over the years, particularly the lasting joy that the “winning moments” produce.

How would you like to meet us in person?  Sure, you’ve seen us on TV; but we’re real people, not computer-generated images or actors like you see in most commercials.  We’ve all worked in PCH’s offices for many years – almost 35 (!) in my case.  We’re likable too; we’ve never met a winner who wouldn’t like us to come back for another visit.

So – let’s try and get together, OK?   We have lots of prize deliveries planned for 2016 – including our upcoming $7,000 A Week For Life Special Early Look prize event just a few weeks from now. If you enter our sweepstakes every chance you get, one of those Big Checks could wind up with your name on it!  If you win, we – not some onboard computer – will steer our van to your door.  We will jump out and announce “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”  How do you like the sound of that?

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

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