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Lucky winner

A recent Prize Patrol presentation provides us with an answer to a question you blog readers frequently ask: “What if the winner isn’t home?” 

The simple answer is “We wait.”  In this case we knew we wouldn’t have to wait for days – because we heard a dog barking.  Who was it?  A lass named Pearl Bailey – not the famous actress and singer of course (March 1918 – August 1990) but a beautiful Hungarian Viszla.

lucky winner, lucky dog

The barks brought Natalie to the door telling us that her daughter Pepper Bailey – our winner! – was at work and would return “who knows when.”  So we hid ourselves in the Prize Patrol van down the road watching for Pepper’s car which Natalie had described.

After two hours of waiting – hallelujah! – Pepper’s car drove by.  We quickly jumped into action and followed her down a rural lane arriving at the house where we could see through the window a happy reunion of Pepper and Pearl – and an anxious Natalie who knew what was about to unfold.

Our loud knock brought Pepper to the door where her first words were “This is a joke!” She quickly realized it wasn’t a joke and could not have been more welcoming and grateful.  A youthful wife, mother and grandmother, Pepper works as a physical fitness instructor and says the Big Check for $10,000 will reduce the financial stress of the downtimes in her Sun Belt seasonal community.

Natalie stood by proudly – and a bit wistfully, saying she had been a PCH sweepstakes entrant for many years but without Pepper’s exciting results.  She vowed to renew her quest – for the Big One!

Meanwhile Pearl greeted the Prize Patrol warmly, realizing from the scent of my dog Lili on my clothes, that all was well.  Watch the exciting winning moment video here:


Pearl was just the latest in a long history of lucky dogs who have welcomed the Prize Patrol to their homes.  Sure, there have been barks and even the menacing look of some pit bulls; but we have not been bitten once.  That’s because the dogs recognize that their masters and mistresses are ecstatically happy – so they are happy too.

So, enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes – not just for yourself, but for your pet (if you have one). Believe me, your dog or cat or bird or hamster or iguana will appreciate the bonus treats they get as a result of your winning; they might even love you more.

Wishing you the best of luck.
Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. When Pepper called her husband at work to tell him she had a surprise waiting at home, he asked if it was a new puppy.  When he arrived later and saw the roses, balloons and Big Check, he said, “Is this for real?  It’s better than a puppy!”

P.P.S. Pearl isn’t the only lucky dog. We surprised Grizzly here on Friday — at the McKinney, TX home of $10,000 winner Sony Webster and family.

Grizzly the Dog


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