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PCH Big Check Asks: Who Wants To Win Tomorrow?

Please cheer Lucky on and help him reach his 1,000 Comment goal!

PCH Big Check

Hey Blog Readers,

Who wants to win a PCH SuperPrize tomorrow?!?

As I’m sitting here getting my ink touched up and seal straightened for tomorrow’s big April 29th Prize Event, I can’t help dreaming about who our next winner will be and wondering…

Will the winner be happy to see me?!?

I’m always a little nervous about what the winner will think of me… but with THIS delivery being streamed LIVE on our Fan Page on Facebook – I just can’t stop thinking about it!  What if the Winner didn’t want a big check?!? What if the Winner says to take me back?!? Or what if I get green stuff in my Zeros at lunch and no one tells me?!?  All of these things could happen LIVE in front of all of our fans – and I would wind up feeling like a crumpled up board game dollar bill!

Now, don’t get me wrong, being the PCH Big Check is the best job ever because I get to travel the country and make folks millionaires! But the anticipation is enough to wiggle anybody’s pay line.  And sometimes I can’t help feeling like I’ve got pennies in my stomach when I think about walking up to the door.

If I came to YOUR door, would you turn me away or would you welcome me with open arms?

I know it may seem silly, and that my corners look sharp and strong, but underneath this reinforced, security-sealed exterior I’m really very shy. I even told my mama how nervous I am she said, “Don’t worry, Lucky – a Big Check like you will never fold under pressure!”

My mama’s so great to me…but it’d still love to hear from you fans today and get even more reassurance!

Will you please help me?!? To help build my confidence, I’ve set a personal goal to get 1,000 comments today!

I feel like having your support will give me the confidence boost I need.  I’ll know for sure that my fans love me, people really want to see me and that tomorrow’s winner will probably welcome me into their home with a smile.

So please, cheer and shout in your comments below and let me know who if you want me – and the rest of the PCH Prize Patrol — at your door tomorrow.

Good Luck,

Lucky Windfall
The PCH Big Check

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