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“Winning-est Moments” from The Prize Patrol Archives

Having been with the PCH Prize Patrol from the very beginning, I am often asked “What is your most memorable ‘winning moment’?”

Frankly, there have been so many Prize Patrol visits (over a thousand since 1988), that it’s impossible to select “the most memorable.”  But there are many that stand out from the early days as the “most __      fill in the blank____.”  Here is a sampling:

Most stunned – Thelma Seidenburg (NH) who totally collapsed at the door and gasped for air.

Most skeptical – Olga Pease (TX) who kept shaking her head as she continued doing her laundry.

Loudest wail – Grace Webb (MI) as we presented her with a new car.

Most grateful – Emma Taylor (IN) who could not stop praising the Lord.

Latest award – Marilyn Thorne (WI) who arrived home from work after midnight.

Hardest to find – Bill Perkins who entered the sweeps in IL, then moved to FL.

Most threatening to us – Glenn Wilke (KY) who approached us with a chainsaw (Don’t worry… Wilke had been cutting firewood beforehand!).

The longest wait – Pam Barton (TX).  We arrived Thursday night, and she was at a weekend conference.  We finally awarded her SuperPrize Monday morning.

Pam Barton Winning Moment

Most talked about – Martha McMillen’s daughter who jumped out of the shower and greeted us at the door in a towel.

Most ready to party: Father Mike Berner (IA).

Father Mike Berner

Fastest bank deposit:  Within minutes we accompanied Phyllis Brown (IL) to the bank with her Big Check — and the real check.

Most needed “win” – Among many, Artis Eldridge (CA) who had just declared bankruptcy.

Most distant – Jenny Dacey in Bethel, Alaska.

Most unorthodox door-knock:  We sang Christmas carols to get Carl Zanardini to come to the door.

So what would distinguish your “winning moment’ from the rest?  Would you be “the teariest” or “the “quietest” or the “skimpiest dressed” or WHAT?

We don’t care, and you probably don’t care either. YOU JUST WANT TO WIN, right?   So if you want a visit from the Prize Patrol, don’t just sit there: enter at now – and every day!   And the next “winning moment’ could be YOURS!

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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