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Our June 30th Special Early Look will change someone’s life in 2 Days!

Special Early Look News

Hi, gang …

As Howie will explain in his video, PCH Officials have just taken a look to see whether there was a matching winning number for our June 30th Special Early Look prize event – and it looks like it wasn’t returned on time.  But here’s the good news: SOMEONE WILL DEFINITELY WIN $1,000,000 TWO DAYS FROM NOW in our Second Chance Drawing! As many of our Second Chance Drawing prize winners will tell you, a big Million Dollar Prize can really change lives.

Watch our video below to find out more!

That’s right! We’re not like most lotteries, who don’t award anything if the winning number isn’t found in a random drawing.  We’re Publishers Clearing House – and we’re all about making people winners every chance we can.  That’s why someone will become a millionaire on June 30th, no matter what!

What would winning ONE MILLION DOLLARS mean to you?

Rob Gonzales was down to $60 when he won his “million.”  Winning a million dollars truly meant the world to him.

And a Million Dollar Prize was a godsend to Laurie Aragon, who’d just lost her job – and to Penny Pompa, too, who was about to lose her home!

We can’t tell you WHO our new millionaire will be right now. I’m hoping you’ll find out WHO in just TWO DAYS – when the Prize Patrol could ring your doorbell!

Sending lucky thoughts your way …

PCH Creative

P.S. Comment below and tell us how your life would change if you won a million dollars.

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  1. En verdad te bendiga pch superprimio mi espíritu salta de alegría perdí mi vida Ase 3anos perdí a mi familia solo espero la promesa de Dios te amo estoy listo 1111.

  2. Oh my Jesus, I could get me a truck and a place. I would not have to be homeless any more; my baby dogs have a home, and two of my girls have to stay outside. Oh my God, it would just be amazing. You just don’t love to donate some to the children’s hospital or the dogs and cats.