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What Would You Do If You Won A MILLION DOLLARS Tomorrow?

A Million Dollars

It’s time to get excited, friends!

Tomorrow is Thursday, June 30th — award day — and one of our loyal fans (someone like YOU) will definitely become a millionaire. The Prize Patrol is already gearing up!

That’s right! We know WHO the winner is, WHERE the big check is going to be delivered and exactly HOW to get there. So the only real question left is:

WHAT would you do if you won a million dollars in the next 24 hours?

Now I’m not talking about how you would react to seeing the Prize Patrol at your door (although we do love a good winning moment). What we really want to know is what you would do with all of that money? It’s a huge windfall, after all, so really think.

What would you do with a million dollars

Win and you could…

Share it with family and make life a little easier for everyone you love! A million dollars would be enough money to pay off bills, set up college funds and maybe even buy some new cars. Wouldn’t it be great to help your youngest family members get a worry-free start in life?

Save it for something special. Not sure what you’d buy? No problem. Sock it away in Savings, collect the interest and wait until something grabs you. It could be that the special something you’re looking for hasn’t even been invented yet. For example, I’m still waiting for the amphibious flying sports utility vehicle to come out (hopefully, it’ll be available soon).

Buy a new house and create the haven you’ve always wanted. Whether your dream is to live large in the heart of a big city or find sweet solitude on a remote countryside, one million dollars could go a long way.

Go on vacation. Where have you always wanted to visit? Imagine having the means to travel anywhere around the world at a moment’s notice. You could have tea in London, dinner in Milan, and dessert in Paris — all in one day! That is, unless you’d rather enjoy the ultimate “staycation.” Tell me, how far would a 7-figure prize go in your town?

Are you excited yet? I hope so because it could all be within reach in just a matter of hours. Remember: we are definitely delivering the big $1,000,000 check to someone tomorrow and life will never be the same. So take a moment to think about what you would do if it’s YOU — and tell us in the comments below.

Fingers crossed,

Fred P.
PCH Creative


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