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What Good Deed Would You Do If You Won $5,000 A Week “Forever”?

What Good Deed

Over the years we’ve heard from many of our lucky winners who tell us how happy they were to be able to finally help those less fortunate with some of their prize money. We know you blog readers out there are definitely interested in helping others, too, because we see it in your comments. You may have seen our blogs over the years about some of our charity-minded prize winners like Leroy Faulks, Sr. and Gerard Rivera, who tell us how they have donated time and money to their favorite charities and causes.

Of course, it’s very difficult when you have it in your heart to give back to your community, but you don’t have the financial means to do it.  But what if you won $5,000 A Week “Forever” in our next Special Early Look event on August 31st? A big prize like that could give you the money, freedom and opportunity to enjoy all that life has to offer.  And with weekly checks for $5,000 coming in week after week, year after year for your entire lifetime and then, after that, for the life of someone you choose, we’re talking about a lot of money!

So, today we’re going to think about all of those “what ifs” — if you won such a big prize and if you were able to take care of your own pressing financial needs … would you then start to think about how you could change other people’s lives for the better?

After all, there are lots of people and causes in this world that could use a little TLC.  In fact, it might inspire you to read about how PCH gives back to some of our favorite causes every year. Think about it. If you finally had the means to actually make a difference in someone else’s life, how would you go about it?  It wouldn’t even have to be a monetary donation. You could just donate your time to help others, and it would really mean so much — and it could be so rewarding for you!

For instance, I’ve always had a soft spot for animals. If I were able to do a good deed right now, I think I’d like to help rescue abused animals and give them a warm and safe shelter.  Please let us know in the comments below what good deed YOU would do if you won $5,000 A Week “Forever” on August 31st!

Dillon H.
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    1. Hi Charles! I encourage you to keep entering for your chance at becoming one of our lucky winners. The best part about all of this is that it’s always free to enter and free to win. You never have to purchase anything as it will not increase a person’s odds. We want our sweepstakes to be a fun and exciting opportunity for our fans to participate in at their leisure. We hope that you’re enjoying your PCH experience and we truly appreciate all of your support!