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How Would YOU Splurge If You Won $5,000 A Week “Forever”?

Hello friends and fans! So, you want to win the $5,000 A Week “Forever” prize on August 31st. You’ve obviously thought about how you’d splurge with the winnings — right?

How You Splurge Forever

I don’t know about you, but for me, I know exactly what I would do with that cash windfall! You see I’m currently shopping around for my very first home. And it looks like my red, white, and blue “American Dream” of owning vs. renting could use a little more … green!

Now, I’m a country girl at heart, so a modest home with an inviting kitchen is all I need. There I can be left to re-create family recipes like my Great Aunt‘s legendary Sunday sauce or bake up a storm of breads, muffins and favorite pies (you know who you are, Blueberry and Key Lime!) And, of course, I’d create what will eventually become the new family recipes to be passed down to future generations.

Yes, if I had unlimited lifetime funds like $5,000 A Week “Forever”, that’s how I would use the cash.

Let’s face it: Passing down the “secret sauce” from generation to generation is important. And PCH gets that. That’s why the Prize Patrol is preparing to award the multi-generational “Forever” prize in our special early look event on August 31st.

With the “Forever” prize, not only would the winner receive $5,000 a week for life, but then, after that, a beneficiary of the winner’s choosing would start receiving prize payouts for the rest of their life. Now, that’s a family-size portion kind of prize that even the great-grandkids could benefit from — a true recipe for financial success! 

Which begs the question: If you won an incredible $5,000 A Week “Forever”, how would YOU splurge with the cash?

There are so many ways to enhance your life with that kind of money. Right away you could celebrate your good fortune with an unforgettable extended family vacation — maybe visit Europe or beloved American landmarks like the Grand Canyon or Statue of Liberty? But then …

You could think long-term towards retirement. Maybe buy a second home in a vacation area and fly out for the winter months (Yay! No more snow!) And looking at the big, big picture, you could choose to put some money aside for other family and friends to make their lives a little easier.

I know here at PCH, we believe in spreading good fortune out into the world, as I’m sure you do, too. And with that, we’d love to hear how you would spend the cash and spread your fortune if you won. Please leave your comments below — we can’t wait to read each and every one!

Thanks, and good luck!

Nicole T.
PCH Creative

P.S.  Remember, with a prize that big at stake, I recommend you visit today, tomorrow and every day before the 8/24 (11:59PM, ET) deadline to claim as many chances as possible to win $5,000 A Week “Forever”!

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