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Our July Token Exchange Winners Were A Real Summer Blockbuster!


Yes, a whole lot of friends became PCH “stars” at the PCH Rewards Token Exchange last month!

They had a blast with all our Free-To-Play games at our sites like PCHlottoPCHSlots and PCHblackjack, meanwhile racking up tokens.

The lucky folks below THEN took their tokens to the PCH Rewards Token Exchange to go for exciting prizes like … well, just take a look at the amazing free prizes they won. Wow, everything from cool electronics and appliances to gift cards and cash!

July Token Exchange winners – are you ready for your “close-up”?

Token Winners

Token Winner

Pretty cool, huh?  So come on …  get busy having a good time with all the fantastic FREE games at and start piling up those tokens.  Then … take ‘em to our PCH Rewards Token Exchange, and with a little luck, we could put YOUR name up in lights as one of our big August Token Exchange winners!

Log on and play …

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