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Did You Know: There Are LOTS of PCH Winners!

Greetings, fans and friends!

Today, I have 2 really cool facts to share with you, which you might have seen on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook :

  1. Did You Know that PCH has around 300 winners every day?

How many PCH Winners

2. Did you know that PCH has made over 5 MILLION winners since 1967?

PCH Winners

Given that PCH is about to award a life-changing SuperPrize to a lucky winner in just a matter of days, these facts about PCH winners are extremely inspiring!

So, let’s talk about the first “Did You Know” — PCH has around 300 winners every day! I’ve seen the lists put out by the Contest Department, and it’s true! Real people win PCH every day – we’re talking big prizes as well as smaller prizes – like those I highlight twice a month on my #WinnerWednesday blogs. Real folks win all the time in so many ways – like playing our fun, free games at Games … searching for things like the weather forecast or sports scores on PCHSearch&Win  … and, of course, by mailing back the entry forms found in their colorful PCH bulletins. And those are just a few ways to enter!

But, as any winner will tell you, you have to stay in it to win it  — and that’s where the second “Did You Know” comes in.

PCH has made over 5 million winners since 1967, when our world-famous Sweepstakes began. I have heard some of you comment that you’ve been entering for just about as long – wow! Now that’s what I call devotion!

Both PCH Prize Patrol Elite members Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane have entertained us with memories of giving away prizes over the years to ecstatic PCH winners.

And the fact that there have been over 5 million PCH winners – holy cow! A quick search on PCHSearch&Win informs me that 5 million is more than the population of Norway! More than the population of Ireland! More than the populations of Jamaica, Iceland, Bahrain and The Bahamas combined!

So, if you ever find yourself thinking that “PCH is fake” … or

PCH is a scam” – just take a look at these two facts I’ve just given you, and I’m sure you’ll become a believer!

Keep on believing … keep on entering  … and good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Speaking of believing, do you believe that on August 31st you could become our next SuperPrize winner? Then comment below by stating the following:

“I want to be the next PCH winner!”

You think we can reach 500 comments? Let’s do this!

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