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$10,000 PCH Winner Is Proof That Positivity Pays Off!

One of the great things about the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes is that it is absolutely FREE! Unlike the state and national lotteries, entering doesn’t cost a thing. Then is it any wonder that many of our PCH Winners enter as often as they can?

If you’re able to enter daily, you absolutely should, but having a positive attitude helps too! Recent winner Debbie Formusa is a great example of this winning combination!


We caught up with Debbie a while after the Prize Patrol showed up at her house with a healthy-sized check for $10,000. We asked her what her entry habits were like, and she said “I enter every day on the phone – boom, boom, boom!” Debbie said with a laugh.

Since she enters so often, we asked her if she expected the Prize Patrol’s visit. She was actually very shocked!

“It’s nuts! It just came out of the blue! It’s been crazy, [all my friends have] lost their minds. I had some very close friends, and I walked down the driveway with everything – I brought it all, the flowers, the balloons, the big check. I drove over and they couldn’t [believe it!]!”

Friends are very important to this PCH winner and her family. In fact, just the night before Debbie was up late delivering some medication to a sick friend. She was only just waking up when the Prize Patrol showed up!

“I was just waking up, I had slept in, because I was up late the night before helping a friend who was sick. So my son looked out the window, saw the flowers and balloons and was like, ‘Is this Valentines day? Who’s coming to our house with flowers?’”

Since she’s always taking care of others, we asked Debbie if she plans on spending any money on herself.

“I aint’ gonna buy a diamond tiara! Not interested. I’m not that way.”

As usual, Debbie’s thoughts are centered on others:

“Oh yeah, I have many very close friends, they’re family to me. I’m not at my own house that much, I’m [at their homes]. I help them out a little bit, they need a favor, I’m like ‘what do you need?’  I’ve spread a little bit of the money around … I’m taking care of them.”

She’s so giving and positive, we asked what the secret was to being so up-beat all the time. She says it’s all about staying youthful!

“I’m big into football, basketball, sports, music, etc. Video games too! I’m not your average 60-something year old.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty much a positive person. I always have been. I just like things that are newer and alternative. Going to concerts, parties, bon fires. I’ve done a lot of them!”

We asked her if she had any advice for people entering:


“You can’t win it if you ain’t in it! It only takes a couple minutes to enter. You’ve got as good of a shot as anybody else. You never know when it will be your turn! It happens. But stay positive, because it’s a good thing. Who complains about winning money!?”

So make sure you’re entering as often as you can … you never know when it may be your turn to pay it forward, just like PCH Winner Debbie does!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S.  One of the best ways to find daily entry opportunities is on the PCH app! So head on over to my friend Russell’s blog today, where he goes into detail on some great new app updates!

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