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Something In Your Pocket Could Be Worth $1,000,000 On Oct. 21!


Hello friends and fans!

Feeling some extra strain in your lower back lately? It may be the result of carrying around a $1,000,000 bonus opportunity in your pocket — or more specifically, on your smart device. It’s the PCH App and it could make you a million dollars richer!

Wait — what? How? We’re going to get to that in a moment.

But first, let me say, it’s not just this exclusive $1,000,000 bonus prize that makes the PCH App so heavy with excitement and opportunity. It’s much more than that! This App is PACKED with hundreds of chances to win all kinds of prizes.

From a life-changing $7,000 A Week For Life prize (which is ready to be delivered on Oct. 21st), and instant-win cash prizes worth thousands of dollars, to PCHlotto’s PowerPrize jackpot —over $2,500,000 — the PCH App has it all!


And still, there’s more! Enjoy fun favorites like Mahjongg Minute (Danielle loves this game!), and even a place to check up on news and entertainment – it’s got everything you need to make it through your day with a smile, and it’s all in one place. And best yet, the PCH App is FREE to download onto your smart phone or your tablet (check out the easy instructions below to get started). Now that’s smart!

And speaking of smart, let’s get back to that exclusive $1,000,000 bonus prize.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ll soon be awarding another life-changing fortune as part of our upcoming “Special Early Look” prize event. And, if on award day, we show up to your door to award the big lifetime prize, you’ll have a chance to claim even more money!

That’s right! Just by having the PCH App installed on your phone or tablet (or both), you could win a $1,000,000 bonus prize on the spot. All you’d have to do is show us that you have the app, and we could be adding an extra million dollars instantly to your prize amount. It’s that easy!

As if being “Set For Life” is not exciting enough, just think about what you could do with that bonus million!

With so many Apps out there, at times you may feel like you’re on information overload when deciding which one to choose for your own library. But with confidence, I can say that if you’re a fan of winning money and enriching your life with the kind of fun that could ultimately make you a millionaire, then the PCH App is for you!

Good luck!

Nicole T.
Online Creative


Don’t Be Left Out! Get The PCH APP Now.

If you don’t have the FREE PCH App yet, don’t worry — it couldn’t be easier and safer to install. Just follow these 4 steps below — then, start playing!

1) Go to the app section of your device.
2) Open your Google Play or Apple store.
3) Search for “PCH”
4) “Tap” to install and accept

And don’t forget – there’s only 6 DAYS LEFT to claim your chance to win $7,000 A Week For Life on October 21st. So, come back daily.

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