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VIP Elite Winner Gets Big Surprise from Prize Patrol

People always ask us, “What does the Prize Patrol do if the winner isn’t home?”

“We find them – wherever they are” we assure the skeptics.  “And we never tell them in advance that we’re coming. That would ruin the surprise.  The shocked reactions you see in our ‘winning moments’ are 100% authentic.  No set-ups, no rehearsals.”

In fact, it’s a rare occasion when we don’t find the winner close to home.  Yes, once a winner was vacationing in Africa; another was baby-sitting with grandchildren across the country; and a New Jersey winner was boating in Lake Michigan; but they got their Big Checks anyway.

We typically allow about six hours per visit in case we have to go on “a wild goose chase” to find the winner.  But usually a couple of hours will work – like this recent Prize Patrol mission.

We flew into Kingsport, Tennessee at night – ready to surprise VIP Elite Winner David Moore the next morning.  Around 9:15 AM we met our cameraman and picked up a rose bouquet and balloons at a local florist.  Then we were off to the winner’s house about 9:45 in our Prize Patrol van.

It took more than a minute for someone to answer the door, and it was David’s mom and dad.  They stood in the doorway shaking their heads at such unexpected “guests.”  Meanwhile, passing motorists saw the balloons and excitement and created a traffic jam.  One driver trying to get through was David’s sister who wondered what on earth what was going on.  But her unease cheerfully turned helpful as she told us where we could find David ten minutes away.

Off we went to David’s office where we found him waiting outside — having been tipped off by his sister that an unspecified package was being delivered.


Well, a Big Check for $25,000 plus roses and balloons were the last things David expected at 10:00 on a workday.   He was shocked – and very happy.  Fellow employees looked out the windows and couldn’t believe what was happening; they had seen stuff like this only on TV.  Minutes later David jokingly shared the Big Check with a bank teller – and deposited the real one.  Mission accomplished by 11:00.


David is an avid skier and, with the company of his girlfriend, is planning his first cruise ever.  He is also a VIP Elite – a designation we give to our most active Sweepstakes participants.  Sure, he thinks about winning; but he’s a fun-lover who simply says “I play for the enjoyment of it.”

How about you?  Like David, do you enter every chance you get?  Join the fun and enter today – and you could win a Big Check too.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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  1. That’s awesome. I tip my hat off to everyone at PCH! Y’all never give up on us (the consumer), by always providing great products, the best customer service, and the luck potential winners when they might not be home! I love everything y’all do and stand for and will always be in it to win it! Your forever, faithful friend!

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  3. My PCH activities have certainly helped me to get through part of June, July & August; however, I did have a bad fall in a store & broke my hip, hurt my prosthetic leg, & lost a precious nephew, who experienced a scam. I suddenly found myself living through it soon afterwards & am still battling it, but learning just how frightening & painful financial crimes can be. Oh, please do not ever judge if you have never walk a mile in their shoes. All of this anguish hit during my birthday (born in July 1950). The highlights have most definitely been my PCH activity. I love the games & am praying all ends well. Soon I must change my email address.

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    1. Hello Christopher, we love that you’re so excited about your opportunity for extra entries towards a chance at becoming a winner. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you follow the instructions in the email for claiming your entries as commenting on the blog will not secure your entries. To see all of the ways you can enter our many exciting giveaways each day, click here: Good luck to you and all who enter!!