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It’s #ThrowbackThursday With Winner Desiree Scudder!

It’s always fun to look back on our past winners, and one who is frequently brought up here at PCH is Desiree Scudder, our October 2015 $1 Million winner! But before we get to her, let’s set the stage!

First, something happened that rarely ever happens on Prize Patrol trips – it was raining! Sure, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol gets a drizzle every now and again, but this day was another story entirely. In fact, it was a record-breaking deluge that was even reported by the national news! I’m sure that’s one Throwback Thursday people in that area will never forget!


As you can see, Danielle wasn’t happy about going out in the rain, but we didn’t let it get in the way of finding our winner!

Although, there was one thing that can slow us down a little bit: the winner wasn’t home!  Dave Sayer said it took multiple attempts (and the help of a friendly apartment manager) to finally get someone to answer the door. It turned out it wasn’t Desiree Scudder, but her father. He works nights and was sound asleep when Dave and Danielle first started knocking. Her dad told the Prize Patrol that she worked just a few miles away.

There are a few interesting things you should know about Desiree. First, she has her degree in biochemistry and works as a toxicologist. And second, she was just 29 when she won the SuperPrize, which goes to show that PCH winners can be just about any age!

So the Prize Patrol showed up and found Desiree on the job. And as is the case with many of our winners, Desiree was completely shocked! Watch her experience her winning moment, dressed in her lab coat, below!




When I caught up with Desiree a month later, she had big plans for the money:

“Oh, I want to go to Japan … just to see the place! And now I can! I studied Japanese in college because [the French class] was filled up, so I said ‘why not Japanese?’ I watch a lot of Japanese cartoons, so I could say I was doing it for homework!”

Desiree is a big player of video games, both the serious and casual variety.  As we said in our follow-up interview, she considers this huge windfall to be the ultimate “power-up!”

“Yeah, this is like finding rare treasure … this is definitely good for me. I’m totally moving out [of my parents’] house, getting my own apartment, and maybe even building a video game room!”

In addition to entering via PCH emails, Desiree also enjoyed playing PCHgames.

“I loved playing Mahjongg Dark, stuff like that. The matching games. They’re all a lot of fun!”
Doing a Throwback Thursday trip down memory lane is a lot of fun, but guess what? Making millionaires is never ancient history at Publishers Clearing House! Head over to today to make sure you get your entry in for our latest SuperPrize. And remember what Desiree says: “Hey, it’s free and “enter every chance you get!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S.  Speaking of memories, we’re moving closer and closer to the memorable holiday season! Tell us some of your favorite winter holiday memories in the comment section below!


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