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Breaking News! Special Early Look Results For December 23rd!

Hello PCH Fans!

The countdown to our December 23rd prize award day is already here! Can you believe it?  Today is the day at PCH headquarters when we take a “sneak peek” to see if the winning number for our Winner’s Choice Prize Event was timely returned. Without further ado, Danielle is now ready to deliver the exciting news. Check out the video below!



As you can see, Danielle reports that there was no matching winning number for our December 23rd Prize Event. While that means we won’t be able to award $10,000 A Week For Life OR $10,000,000 All At Once, I still have some exciting news for you. Keep reading!

Good News!

Since PCH loves to give money away, someone will still be a BIG winner. In fact, the Prize Patrol will still be hitting the road to surprise the lucky winner with ONE MILLION DOLLARS from our Second Chance drawing!


Unlike most lotteries that don’t award anything if the winning number isn’t found in a random drawing, Publishers Clearing House still awards a winner – because we’re all about making people winners every chance we get. That’s why someone will become a millionaire on December 23rd – no ifs, ands or buts! It will definitely happen!

We call it a Second Chance Drawing, and it’s already been a life changer for those lucky enough to win it. Like Rob Gonzales, who was down to $60 when he won his “million”, so it really meant the world to him! Or like Laurie Aragon, whose power was about to be shut off when the Prize Patrol showed up.  Then there’s Desiree Scudder, who put herself through college by working three jobs at a time, and can now afford a few luxuries in her life!

Now that we have our winner and we know where to find him or her, the Prize Patrol is busy making plans for the trip. Will it be nearby, or clear across the country? Come back soon for more clues from on the road on Friday, December 23rd! Who knows? We could be knocking on your front door with a BIG surprise just in time for the holidays!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

P.S. Think about how ONE MILLION DOLLARS could change your life for the better, and let us know in the comments section below what YOU would do with all that money!

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