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Knock Knock! The Prize Patrol Could Be At Your Door!

Our next SuperPrize award is just a day away! Have you ever picture the Prize Patrol coming to your door? What do you think your reaction would be like? We’ve all seen Publishers Clearing House winning moments before, but what would yours be like?

Imagine this! You’re at home and basking some small accomplishments. You’ve cleaned up the kitchen and filed some bills. It’s time to sit down and relax. Then suddenly you hear a knock at the door. That’s weird, right? These days, friends or family call before stopping by. You’re not expecting a soul!

It could be a letter carrier or a delivery person. It is the holiday season, after all, maybe someone is sending you a present! You certainly aren’t expecting the Prize Patrol! You’re about to get to the door, but something tells you maybe you should put something over that comfy t-shirt. It could be a neighbor, after all.

You take a quick peek through the peephole or window and notice it’s not one of your neighbors. In fact, it’s not just one person, but a whole group of people! There’s some camera operators, reporters…and right at the front are a bunch of people you recognize wearing smart-looking blazers! 

Your heart starts to beat faster. As your hand goes to open the door, a million thoughts race through your mind. That’s the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol! You’ve entered so many times, but you never thought this would happen to you! Is this really happening? What is it that people say on TV when they win?

You open the door, and you immediately lock eyes with the Prize Patrol. You pause for what feels like an eternity, but it’s really only just a half second.

“Hello!” you exclaim.

The Prize Patrol asks you your name, and once they know they have the right person, they coax you out the door. The chilly air doesn’t have any effect on you, as the adrenaline takes over. This is it. It’s REALLY HAPPENING.

The Prize Patrol asks if you know who they are, and all you can do is nod in affirmation. You try to pay attention to what they’re saying, but all you can do is look down at the big check. Suddenly one of them flips it over.

You’ve just won $1 Million!

You’ve thought about this thousands of times. You always told yourself it could happen to me, but right now it just seems so unreal. You bring your hands to cover your mouth.

…and what do you say? 

Do you clam up and keep quiet?

Do you scream “Yes, Yes, Yes!”?

Do you thank God for this incredible blessing?

Or do you jump up and down and hug every single person on your doorstep?

No matter what you do, you’ll be in good company. We’ve had all sorts of winning moments through the years, and there’s no “right way” to react to becoming a millionaire! But just stop and consider the reality that if you entered for our latest Prize Event, this really could happen. In fact, it WILL happen for one lucky winner.

Come back to the blog tomorrow to get clues from the Prize Patrol about where they’re headed. And you never know…they could be coming to see YOU!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – Let’s have some fun … think of a funny joke or rhyme to say if the Prize Patrol showed up at your door and tell us in the comments below. You never know if it’ll come in handy!

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  1. Knock, knock,in Jesus name I wish the famous prize patrol will knock on my door I give prize patrol permission to***THANK YOU PCH *** I VIP ELITE IS IN IT TO BE THE WINNER

  2. For years, at age 78 and still working full time as a Nurse, in 2002 to keep myself in my own home, I have always found time to shop at PCH. I love the jewelry and have bought creams and other items, garden type. Out of all these years I have loved what comes in the mail and never get tired of seeing things. Sometimes because mail doesn’t come until late and with the slowing, one or two mailings arrive before the due date to return. Thus it is. Those I don’t mail in because they will miss the deadline.

  3. Look ? who’s Here!The Prize Patrol at my Door with a big check live on television breaking news nationwide winner search entry found me Wow imagine that ???