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Fill Your Token Bank FASTER With The PCHlotto App!

Hey PCH Fans,

Do you want a faster way to score more Tokens? That’s good, because I’m here to tell you how to do that! The best part is, it couldn’t be easier. You can fill your Token Bank FASTER with the PCHlotto App! You’ll get mobile game fun for on the go, PLUS you’ll earn 2x Tokens as you play to fill up your bank twice as fast!

I know how busy life can get, especially this time of year. And your cellphone becomes even more important as you rush from place to place. That’s why you should download the PCHlotto App today (Apple or Android). You can fill up your Token Bank anywhere you go! Plus you can do so much more!

This App gives you all the fun and excitement of PCHlotto, such as getting a daily BONUS SuperPrize entry, and going for HUGE Instant Win Power Match Game Prizes like a $20,000 Prize or a $25,000 Twilight Prize. And you’re going to love playing our fun Instant Win Blast Games. And the best part is, you’ll be scoring tokens while you play that you can use to go for more incredible prizes at the PCH Token Exchange!

Still not convinced you should download the PCHlotto App? Did I mention it’s absolutely, 100% FREE! Why spend your time on apps that give you no chances to win cash and prizes, when you have so many opportunities – FREE OPPORTUNITIES – to win so much with PCHlotto?

And why would you want or need t fill your Token Bank faster? A big Token Bank total unlocks more prizes to go for when you redeem your tokens at the PCH Token Exchange ! From Gift Cards to your favorite stores, to the latest tech gadgets like tablets, TVs and cameras, to great outdoor appliances like BBQs and patio furniture sets, there are plenty of prizes you’ll want to enter to win, and having a full Token Bank is the way to do it.

And remember, ONLY PCHlotto App players get Double Token Payouts every day! So if you’re looking for that edge to score Tokens quickly, be sure to put the PCHlotto App to work for you!  DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER! Download the PCHlotto App today!

Joe W.

PCH Creative

PS: Already a fan of the PCHlotto App? Let us know! What’s your favorite part?

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