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Yes Annette, Prize Patrol Proves There is A Santa Claus

While Christmas has always been a joyful holiday for Annette Jenkins, December 25, 2016 promised to be less so because this 52-year-old Morristown, Tennessee resident was financially broke.  She had just been forced to move herself, daughter (Nikki) and granddaughter (Danni) from one modest apartment to another which she could hardly afford.  On the morning of December 21, as she toiled at one of her two jobs, she wasn’t sure she could scrape enough money together to buy lunch.  Buying Christmas presents of any significance was out of the question.

And then Santa Claus – in the form of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol – arrived and presented Annette with roses, balloons, champagne and (ta dah!) a Million Dollar SuperPrize!


The “winning moment” took place outside a department store where Annette has worked for years and where some fellow employees told her there was a special package awaiting her pick-up. Somewhat mystified as to what the package could be, she was suddenly tearful as she looked across the store’s parking lot and saw colorful balloons with the recognizable PCH logo bobbing between the cars.  The balloons disappeared momentarily behind a wall, then reappeared as the Prize Patrol raced toward her — with cameras, reporters and awestruck bystanders taking in the excitement.

Annette’s many friends from the store cheered and rushed to embrace and congratulate her. Morristown’s mayor stopped his shopping and joined the celebration.  Many times the words “She deserves it!” were heard.  “AJ” (as she is known) smelled the roses and said it was a long time since she had gotten roses.

In a follow-up phone call, Annette told us that her family and friends have been “so happy” for her. While the $25,000 check we gave her on the spot did not clear the bank to afford a pre-holiday spending spree, she said her family had “a great Christmas!”  And having won a Million Dollar SuperPrize Annette is sure to have a Happy New Year!


How about you?  Will 2017 bring a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House your way?  It could happen!  On February 24th you could even win our incredible “Forever” prize  — which pays the winner $5,000 A Week for Life plusafter that — $5,000 a Week for Life to someone else the winner names.

Annette joins a huge family of PCH winners in urging you to enter our fabulous sweepstakes every chance you get.  In fact, why not enter every day?   What a smart new year’s resolution that would be!

Congratulations Annette, and to the rest of you: the best of luck in 2017.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Check out news coverage from the award here!: Citizen Tribune Coverage

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