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PCH 2016 – A Winning Year In Review!


Continuing our tradition of yearly recaps, it’s time to look back on the cavalcade of winners that 2016 brought us! Looking at past winner reactions is one of my favorite parts of my job, so I picked out all of the best ones we saw this year!

But first, drumroll, please! Do you know how much money PCH gave away in prizes this year? I asked the contest department, and they said we’ve given away a grand total of $15 MILLION in prizes! That includes our SuperPrize events, daily drawings, token exchange winners and instant winners! Wowza!

So without further ado, let’s recap some of our most memorable winners this year!

First up, December 30th of 2015 gave us memorable winner Laurie Aragon! Laurie was out of work and was having trouble paying her bills. That day was expecting guys to show up to turn her power, but she wasn’t expecting the Prize Patrol! Watch her winning moment below!
[youtube &w=480&h=480]

Then the Prize Patrol went to Lawton, OK to award $10,000.00 to Donna Botha! I love Donna’s shock and need for a hug. Priceless! Watch her winner reaction below!

[youtube &w=480&h=480]

Then on February 26th, the Prize Patrol surprised 21-year-old Ryan Hart with $5,000 A Week “Forever”! That’s $5,000 A Week for his life, and then after that, $5,000 A Week for the life of someone he chooses! That’s a lot to take in, and you can watch Ryan’s stunned winner reaction below!

[youtube &w=480&h=480]

Doing a follow-up interview with Paula “Pepper” Bailey was a complete pleasure, and from this clip you can see why! Her lovely personality and winning smile are certainly infectious! Her insistence that this “must be a joke” is certainly something a lot of winners say, but I think by the time I spoke with her she realized it was real!

[youtube &w=480&h=480]

Another $10,000.00 winner named Sony Webster was a lot of fun to follow-up with. Enjoy her special extended winner reaction video, longer than the one previously featured! You feel like you’re really there! And you can’t help but cheer when Sony realizes she’s able to afford a car!

[youtube &w=480&h=480]

Jane Bjork has been entering since 1977, and I guess you could say her persistence paid off with a huge $1 Million SuperPrize! Make sure you read my interview with her, because there was quite a coincidence involving her daughter!

[youtube  &w=480&h=480]

Diane Jehanian won $1 Million, and the whole thing was streamed live on the Internet and via local news! The Prize Patrol snuck up on her husband while he was mowing the lawn, but he was able to help track her down at her workplace. Watch her winning moment right now!

[youtube   &w=480&h=480]

Another $1 Million from 2016 is Holly Bloom of Florida! Holly’s inspirational story is very touching, and you can read more about it in my follow-up interview! She says a psychic told her she was going to be a winner. You have to read it to believe it!

[youtube &w=480&h=480]

And finally, our last $1 Million winner of the year is Annette Jenkins, who won just last week! She was in such shock, her friend had to force her to jump up and down! Watch her very emotional winning moment below!

[youtube &w=480&h=480]

On top of all of these, there have been countless other winners of prizes throughout the year at PCH! We want to wish heartfelt congratulations to all of them, and all of us at Publishers Clearing House feel so blessed to be a part of someone’s year!

Happy New Year to everyone, and may you have a winning 2017!

Matt K.
PCH Creative


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