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PCH Blog Reader Spotlight: Kari R. Is Shooting For The Stars!

She’s a small town girl from West Virginia with a big heart, and she’s always ready to inspire the rest of you blog readers out there with a kind word of encouragement. That’s why we couldn’t wait to introduce you all to her in our PCH Blog Reader Spotlight!

Meet Kari R. from Alum Creek, WV. She’s a big fan of the blog and reads it religiously every day. She says, “My favorite blog posts would have to be reading new and old winners’ stories. ” She feels as though she can really relate to past winners and that she shares with them that “glimmer of hope” that can make all the difference. She also likes “the posts about all the different tribulations that the PCH Prize Patrol Team sometimes is faced with when it comes to delivering those checks.”

She enjoys reading others fans’ comments, too. “I read other posts, where they are going through struggles – financial or even health – and I can relate to them. So I continue to try to keep others inspired and put a little sunshine in their day.”

This young lady is a real positive thinker and has so many words of wisdom to share with us all. Check it out!

“If I could say one thing to the readers, it would be to not lose faith and keep dreaming, because a life without dreams is no life at all!”

“Stay positive dear friends and have fun while doing it!”

“My favorite quote is: ‘the moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens!’ So don’t give up! Determination with dedication is what it takes!”

Kari says her daily ritual involves checking her email and the blog throughout the day for any important updates and that she enters the PCH sweepstakes every and any way she can through the mail, phone,, Search&Win, Frontpage , PCHlotto , the PCH App (Phone/iPad, Android) and PCH Play&Win!

Her favorite game to play is the Prize Door Palooza, and she says, “If you haven’t tried it, I would suggest you give it a try! It’s lots of fun and once again completely free!

Thanks, Kari, for being such a loyal and devoted PCH Blog reader and a friend to all of the other readers who, on some days, can really use your inspiring words!

How about you? Are you “in it to win it” like Kari? Let us know in the comments section below and maybe next month you could be in the “PCH Blog Reader Spotlight”!

Jane M.
PCH Creative


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