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Make This Your Best Year Yet With Help From PCHSearch&Win

Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone has enjoyed celebrating this magical holiday season with friends, family and delicious food! Now that the holidays have come and gone, it’s time to focus on the brand new year! I was never one for making the “traditional New Year’s Resolutions”, but rather every year I like to sit down at my computer, take some time and compile a list of specific things (or goals) I’d like to accomplish. As you can imagine, PCH fans, this year was no different. On New Year’s Day I began compiling my list, with help from PCHSearch&Win of course, to make this my best year yet!

So where to begin? Well, in the past I have found the generic goals like “go to the gym more often, find a new hobby, etc.” have not given me much motivation because they were just way too vague. I decided this year that I would research specifics related to my goals and that’s where PCHSearch&Win really came in handy.

My first goal of the year was to make more time to exercise, and not just by aimlessly running the treadmill at the gym. Since I just recently moved to a new town, I decided to see what gyms were around me, AND which ones offered classes that my current gym didn’t. I headed to PCHSearch&Win to search for “gyms near me offering classes” and I found a few locations not far from me that offered spin classes, Zumba and more! I then went even further by using PCHSearch&Win  to see which ones offered new membership incentives and more to help me save money! It’s really THAT simple!

If you’re looking for more fun goals for the new year, PCHSearch&Win can help you there too! Now that I’m settled from my move and the hustle of the holiday season is behind us, I decided that I needed to make more time in my schedule to do the things I once enjoyed. I headed to PCHSearch&Win to search for places near me that offered art classes, events and more. I even found local places that offered fun activities like ice skating, go karts and other great activities I could do with friends and family.

Now it’s your turn, fans! What do you want to accomplish this year? Turn to PCHSearch&Win anytime, anywhere to help you research ways to make this your best year yet! Also, don’t forget that once you log in, your first search of the day automatically enters you in the FABULOUS PCH Sweepstakes! If that isn’t enough of a reason to get searching right now, remember that just by searching you could INSTANTLY win some pretty amazing prizes.

Happy New Year (and happy searching!)

Victoria P.
PCH Creative



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