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Climb Aboard A Whole New Shipwreck Stash!

When Publishers Clearing House launched one of its newest sweepstakes games – Shipwreck Stash – a couple of months ago, the reactions flooded in like a hole in a boat. While many PCH fans and friends were happy to see the debut of another engaging and entertaining million-dollar sweeps, other opinions were slightly more critical of the deep-diving search for sunken treasure.

In fact, here is some of what you – our blog readers – had to say:

  • Pamela H. told us, “I really like this game, but the bubbles don’t pop when I click on them … Needs to be tweaked a little.”
  • Braulio B. commented, “I’ll give it a shot but somehow when I click on the bubbles it will not respond …..”
  • Paul added, “Fun game but hard to get 1,000,000.”

At PCH, we strive to make every online experience at the PCH properties the best it can be. So when we heard Shipwreck Stash wasn’t exactly ship-shape, we hauled it back into dry dock for some retrofitting. We believe you’ll find the new-and-improved Shipwreck Stash to be much more seaworthy.

It turned out that the key to Shipwreck Stash lay in the bubbles. It seemed the cash bubbles were a bit too effervescent, so they floated up and away too quickly! Once discovered, the PCH game gurus dove in and put a stop to the sinking ship. The result? An all-new Shipwreck Stash that promises to provide a more “winning” experience.

Now we want to hear your thoughts! Head over to the PCH Sweepstakes page and check out Shipwreck Stash, as well as any of the more-than-two-dozen sweeps currently available at PCH. Then, let us know what you think in the “Comments” section below.

Happy treasure hunting,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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