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PCH Blog Reader Spotlight: Whitney W. Wants To Win!

It’s time to put another deserving blog reader into the PCH Blog Reader Spotlight and introduce you to the warm and bubbly Whitney W.  She’s the proud winner of a $50 prize from PCHlotto on the lotto app and now takes advantage of every possible way to enter because she’s serious about winning!

Whitney tells us, “What I like most about the PCH blog is all the great information it offers. When I first started entering I only entered through my mobile phone till I found the PCH blog and read that I could also enter through desktop and calling in, too.  I also enjoyed reading about recent winners and how they entered. It keeps me motivated to take advantage of all the ways to enter!”

She’s been entering since June 2016 and has discovered there are plenty of ways to do it — including her mobile phone, desktop, through the mail, by phone and on the PCH Facebook page. Whitney prefers entering through her mobile phone “because then I can enter when I’m leaving the house to go grocery shopping, attend sporting events, visit friends, even while cooking and cleaning. I’ve got my phone in my hand and I am straight multi-tasking all day every day!”

It sounds like her phone is loaded with all of the free PCH apps she needs to power up her entry opportunities every day, too! She tells us she has all of the following “wonderful fun” apps on her smartphone: the PCH App available for both Android and iphone … the PCH Lotto App for Android or iphone … PCH FrontPage App for Android or iphone … and last, but not least, the PCH Play&Win App for Android or iphone.

WOW! She really DOES multi-task! And where do you think she goes when she needs to search the Internet for the information and websites she needs?  Why, PCH Search&Win of course, where she gets chances to win instant prizes all day long while searching, plus an entry for the PCH SuperPrize after her first search of the day once she logs on!

What advice does she have to pass on to the rest of our blog readers?

“I feel that I will win big one day with PCH as long as I just keep going and don’t give up. I don’t get mad and want to quit every time someone else wins. I’m actually excited for them and most of the time cry, ha ha. As bad as I want to win I do realize how many others enter everyday, so instead of expecting to be that next winner, I just play and have fun and when it happens it will be life-changing!”

It sounds like Whitney has the right attitude!  We’re so glad to be able to share her words of wisdom with all of you, too.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect ending for this blog than to leave you all with her parting words:

“If I could say one thing to all my PCH friends it would have to be to stay in it to win it and have fun doing it.” She says that the people she knows who played and didn’t win played only for a few weeks and then quit. Unlike them, “When I won $50 on the PCHlotto scratch card from the lotto app I knew PCH was the real deal and decided I’m in it to win it no matter how long it takes! P.S. Good luck to us all from your PCH friend, Whitney.”

P.S. Are you inspired by Whitney’s words of encouragement? Let us know in the comments section below and maybe next month you could see yourself in the “PCH Blog Reader Spotlight”!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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