Beware of PCH Scams on Facebook and Instagram!

Greetings, fans and friends!

As I go through your comments on the PCHblog each week, checking out what fans and friends like you have to say about our posts, I often come across comments like these:

“Someone sent me a friend request on Facebook saying she was Danielle from the PCH Prize Patrol. Is this real or a scam?”

“I saw on Instagram that I won the $5,000 A Week ‘Forever’ PCH SuperPrize. I think it’s a scam but I’m not sure.”

Well, first of all, good for you – all of you out there – for being such savvy social media users, and for questioning what you see! You’d be absolutely right to guess that Facebook and Instagram posts like these would be scams!

Scam Safety Tips

Here’s the deal: if you receive a friend request on Facebook from someone claiming to be a member of the PCH Prize Patrol or a Publishers Clearing House employee, STOP! Do NOT accept the friend request – this is a SCAM! PCH does not send friend requests to anyone, for any reason. You can also actively prevent friend requests from PCH scammers by watching this helpful video.

Let me be perfectly clear: PCH employees NEVER send friend requests on social media, so do NOT accept them. And do NOT engage in Twitter or Instagram conversations with people pretending to be from PCH. We NEVER contact you this way!

Beware of PCH Scams!

There are more to PCH scams than just friend requests on social media. A really easy way to spot a PCH scam is if you are asked to pay or wire money to claim a prize. Remember, at Publishers Clearing House the winning is ALWAYS FREE and there are NEVER any fees to claiming a prize – EVER!

Another important scam prevention tip is to remember that PCH NEVER calls winners in advance! If someone calls or contacts you in any way to say they are coming to award a prize, they are NOT from the real Publishers Clearing House! PCH would NEVER notify a winner in advance – that would spoil the surprise of the winning moment!

I hope these tips are helpful because we truly love our fans and we want you to stay safe. We work super-hard to prevent scams – and if you believe you’ve been contacted by a scammer, please fill out our Scam Incident Report right away!

After all, we want you to enter for free, have fun, enjoy the PCH experience, and maybe … who knows? … even become a big winner someday soon!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you ever thought to yourself, “No one from my state ever wins PCH,” come back at 12 noon ET and read my friend Matt’s fascinating blog! You’ll never say those words again.

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  1. I have someone that got on Whatsup that I never asked to go on there saying she from PCH. She follows my status and she has been on there since OCT trying to get me to talk about my winnings. I know there is nobody from here that would do that.

  2. Hello I’m Denise Tumpkin from Detroit Michigan. I received a call from David Hoffman stating that I won 5million 785, 300$. I was not to excited because I know there’s scammers out here and their great at the scam. They had me call this number to BDAT bank at 1-888-430-1443 to here my account info. Which stated the prize that I was to win. Then he asked about the IRS and taxes to be paid for my winnings. I explained I don’t have any money. He went as far as to try n wire money for me to pay the taxes to my bank account. I explained that I’m disabled and that I don’t have a bank account only my card to receive my disability pay. He even tried to say he can wire the money on my card. This is when the red flag pop up! I know you cannot add money on my card unless it’s the government. Well I didn’t feel comfortable so I googled it. Also I know if you have won something there is no fees. Also I know that pch don’t call the just show up at your home with the suprise team. So I just wanted to report this activity. They claim that this is the main line for the prize department.