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What’s One Fun Fact About Your Hometown?

In less than 48 hours, some American town will become famous “forever” because it will be the hometown of PCH’s $5,000 A Week “Forever” prize! What fun fact about your hometown would you share with the Prize Patrol?

Along with your name and age, a person’s hometown often is an important part of their identity. Most people hold their hometown in high esteem because it was the place where they spent their formative years, felt safe, made friends, fell in love, and, eventually, left to find their place in the world. Thus, the nostalgic feeling associated with the word “hometown” is nearly universal.

Whether it’s the city where you were born, came of age, or even started your own family, there’s always something special about one’s hometown. Even the most trivial of details can become a source of pride when it’s associated with the place where you grew up.

If home truly is where the heart is, then by its most literal definition, my home is wherever I am; but as many regular PCH blog readers already know, I am fiercely proud of being a Jersey boy! And my childhood and pre-teen years were spent in the small township of Springfield, a little more than 20 miles west of New York City. To learn more about my hometown, I took a quick trip to PCHSearch&Win and was able to find tons of information.

For many golf fans, Springfield, N.J., is revered as the home of Baltusrol Golf Club, host of the 2016 PGA Championship and seven U.S. Open championships. It also was the place we’d go sledding in the winter! And did you know that Springfield was the site of George Washington’s General Headquarters in June 1780 and, on June 23, 1780, the location of the “Battle of Springfield,” a crucial victory for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War?

Springfield is just where the journey began. Here are some fun facts about other places I’ve called home:

  • Ann Arbor, MI – More than six miles of steam tunnels run underneath the University of Michigan campus
  • Palo Alto, CA – Perry, a donkey who lives in Barron Park, was the model for the “Donkey” character in the Shrek movies
  • Jersey City, NJ – Jackie Robinson began his professional baseball career at Roosevelt Stadium on April 18, 1946, as a member of the Montreal Royals

Final Fun Facts

It is estimated that 90 percent of the concrete used to construct New York City was made from sand mined in Port Washington, N.Y., the hometown of Publishers Clearing House.

For some, their hometown really is Hometown! Hometown, Ill., is a small city (just .48 square miles) that borders Chicago.

Now it’s your turn to share! Tell me something that you love the most, or find the funniest, about your hometown. Use PCHSearch&Win to get started, and you just might be surprised by what you find out.

Here’s wishing you a happy hearth and home,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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