Want to Join the List of Monthly Token Exchange Winners?

It can happen – and that’s just the experience being shared right now by PCH’s February Token Exchange winners. The February Token Exchange winners know that the tokens they earn every day from welcome bonuses, entering contests, playing games, and more may not have any cash value, but still are quite valuable. Why? Tokens can […]

Play Your Way to the Top of the Daily Leaderboard

Want to get to the top of the daily leaderboard and earn yourself a nice cash prize? How about the bragging rights that go with having your name listed atop the daily token leaderboard for millions to see? The opportunity is there – you just have to grab it! What does it take to get […]

Behind-The-Scenes At “Inside PCH”

“Inside PCH” has been entertaining fans and awarding tens of thousands of dollars to viewers since August 2017, but rarely have we taken a look behind-the-scenes of PCH’s popular web series to find out just how the show comes together – and how many funny moments happen that viewers never get to see. As one […]

What to Search for This February at PCHsearch&win?

How about that game last night?!?!? Whether your team came out on the winning or losing end, it was a fantastic season for both teams and exciting final game. How exciting? Well, I took all of my snacks – chips, pretzels, nachos, nuts, etc. – and combined them into one (yes, you guessed it!) SUPER […]

Did You Score Big During January’s Month In Winning?

Starting with New Year’s Day and lasting a full 31 days, January certainly gives plenty of opportunities for you to visit PCHsearch&win – and while everyone who searched got premium search results, some who searched also won! From east to west and north to south, big towns and small villages, faithful fans were rewarded with […]

PCH Winners Have The Biggest Hearts

When I first started with Publishers Clearing House approximately 4 ½ years ago, I heard from everyone that PCH’s fans, players, and winners have the biggest hearts. In fact, quite a few fans come from some of the more rural parts of America, and when they’re presented with a “Big Check” that automatically awards them […]