August Was A HOT Month In Winning

Here in New York, it has been a sweltering month of August! In fact, it turns out record-high temperatures have fallen on every continent in the Northern Hemisphere this past month. And while we can look forward to a respite from the heat in the coming months, one thing that never cools off is the […]

Classic Winning Moments With Publishers Clearing House, Part 2

Greetings once again to all of you out there in PCHblog-land! If you recall my last article on classic winning moments, I mentioned that I’ve watched a lot of videos – close to 7,000 in fact – so when I say that these are some of the most classic winning moments, well, you really just […]

Classic Winning Moments with Publishers Clearing House

There is no question that the Prize Patrol has become an American institution since its debut in 1988. They are the quintessential example of the phrase, “often imitated, never duplicated.” Since that first delivery in 1988 – to the Yancys in Texas – the stage was set for hundreds of classic winning moments to follow, […]

July Was the Hottest Month In Winning Yet!!!

Regardless of where in this great land of ours you reside, you probably dealt with some scorching temperatures this past month. Yes, even parts of Alaska made it into the 80s during July. And here at Publishers Clearing House, this month in winning – which wraps up tomorrow – at PCHSearch&Win has been equally as hot! […]

Want 1,000,000+ Tokens Every Day? Follow These 5 Top Insider Tips!

For many people, every day starts the same way – logging in to their account and getting their SuperPrize entry. From there, a lot go on to enter contests, play games, and complete all the tiles in the featured area. It’s a smart and easy way to accumulate entries and start building a daily […]

14 Great Reasons to Love the PCH App

In full disclosure, I wasn’t all that familiar with the PCH App when I started this article. So, I did my due diligence – got my free download, logged in, and started exploring. I entered a few contests. (Of course, I can’t win but needed to see what happened so I could faithfully report to […]