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Get In the Fast Lane with Speed Solitaire

Got A Minute? Play Speed Solitaire at PCHgames

By modern standards, I’m not a “gamer”; i.e., I have spent hundreds of dollars on a modern gaming system or spent thousands of hours learning how to play the first-person shooter games that dominate the market. However, I do love video games and have some online favorites for when I when I have a few spare minutes.

With that in mind, let me clue you in to Speed Solitaire – one of the hot new games you’ll find among the Minute Mania games at PCHgames.

Got the need for speed? Play Speed Solitaire at PCHgames!

Speed solitaire is similar to the classic solitaire game you know and love, but only
16 cards (J, Q, K, A of each suit) are dealt across four piles – as opposed to all 52 cards over seven piles. From there, simply stack the cards by suit from jack to ace – and do it in less than 60 seconds.

How to Play
Since jacks are the lowest card, they’ll automatically jump to the foundation piles upon being dealt. After that, these tips could get you to the finish line faster.

• As soon as cards are dealt, start moving them to the foundation piles.
• Double-clicking a card in the play area moves it to the foundation piles faster than if you grab-and-drag it.
• This is a 60-second sprint to the finish so it’s essential to work fast and keep an eye on the clock.
• Clicking the “Hints” button will highlight the best card for you to play next.

What’s your best time at Speed Solitaire?

The faster you go, the higher your score. The higher your score, the more tokens you earn. The more tokens you earn, the more entries for which they can be redeemed at the PCHrewards Token Exchange. The more entries you secure, the more prizes you could win!!!

And that’s Speed Solitaire from PCHgames! Pretty cool, right? And don’t forget, you could score a sweet cash prize on tournament days just by taking a minute and being in it to win it.

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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