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Win $10,000.00 For Retirement!

Thinking about retiring, but worried you may not have the finances to enjoy it? How about going for $10,000.00 for retirement? After all, a surprising number of Americans are definitely not financially ready to retire.

It’s true. According to researchers at the Stanford Center on Longevity in a 2018 report, ‘Seeing Our Way To Financial Security in the Age of Longevity”, American workers aren’t saving enough to retire at age 65 at their current standard of living, In fact, they say that you would need to put 10 to 17 percent of your current income into a retirement account … and that’s if you start saving as early as age 25!

Even though we all know that day for retirement will come, even though the experts tell us to start saving early on, not everyone is able to put some money aside for retirement – and that day of reckoning for some is looming large.

But There’s Still Time To Enter To Win!

As we approach the holidays, PCH is stuffing your stocking with yet another exciting winning opportunity! And by that I mean you still have time to enter to win PCH’s $10,000.00 for Retirement Sweepstakes! You have one more week in fact to enter Giveaway 13768 … right up until 11:59 PM, ET on 12/20/19. So get in as many entries as you can! Everyone has an equal chance of winning, so why not enter now and every day up until the deadline?

Even if you are approaching retirement with a healthy plan in place, who couldn’t use $10,000.00 for retirement to throw into the mix?

It could mean being able to treat yourself to a luxurious cruise that takes you to a place you’ve always wanted to visit, but couldn’t afford to do before. Or it could go toward a down payment on a home where the living is a little bit easier, maybe not as expensive, where you can relax and enjoy your golden years.

Or this $10,000.00 for retirement could simply mean a nice fat deposit into your retirement savings account, or the very start of one, where you can watch it grow with interest until you’re good and ready to retire! Good luck!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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  1. PCH Pell grant for retirement program can you tell if Melissa Hunt got one because I’m dealing with Identity theft and fraud and it’s empowering for women.

  2. Winning $10,000.00 would give me a boost, and a pathway to savings and pay off a few small local debts at the same time. My life could really use this opportunity. My car needs work, some late bill payments. This will in no way solve all my problems, but it will be a great start.