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Do You Love Free Scratch Games?

Playing PCH’s Free Scratch Games Could Win You Lots of Cash

Online scratch games are a relatively recent invention (1974) that have become insanely popular. My guess is there are two big reasons for this: first, the opportunity to spend very little money – or, in the case of Publishers Clearing House scratch games, spend no money at all – and the chance of recouping a big cash prize; and second, the excitement of seeing what’s underneath the hidden area and holding out hope that it’s a big cash prize. So it seems that regardless of which reason you identify with most, there’s one main motivation; i.e., winning a big cash prize!

Get Five Free $5,000 scratch games at PCHfrontpage!

As the industry trends toward more and more expensive scratch games – up to $50 each – PCH maintains its promise to provide free scratch games, and plenty of ‘em, all with the potential for a fabulous payout.

PCH Free Scratch Games

All told, PCH offers more than 100 free scratch games every day across the spectrum of PCH websites and apps. That’s a lot of daily chances to change your life with a big cash prize. And the best part of all of these wins is that they are INSTANT – win on a free PCH scratch game and the money is yours! No numbers to dial, no emails to send – if you score a cash win, then you can expect a PCH winners check in the mail.

PCH even has scratch games reserved for VIPs and VIP Elites.

Why Play PCH’s Free Online Scratch Games?

Along with the many opportunities to win thousands of dollars in just seconds, there are other compelling reasons to make Publishers Clearing House your go-to source for free scratch games.

  1. Pure Luck + Pure Fun = PCH Free Scratch Games. Say sayonara to strategies and just enjoy the excitement of seeing what’s revealed!
  2. Play One, Play ‘em All. Each Publishers Clearing House scratch game can be enjoyed in a matter of seconds, which means it won’t take long at all to take advantage of the dozens of free online scratch games offered on and on PCH’s free apps (Apple, Google)

Isn’t it time for YOU to be in it to win it by playing PCH Scratch Games? Remember, PCH scratch games always are 100 percent free to play, free to win, and free to collect, so there’s nothing to lose and potentially thousands to gain!

Start Scratching Today!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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