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A Lifetime Prizewinner receives a Lifetime Guarantee!)

You Won’t Find Anything That Beats A Lifetime Guarantee

Yes! We are prepared to award $7,000 A Week For Life this April 28th, which means we are also prepared to give that winner the guarantee of a lifetime! Where else will you find any type of guarantee that can give you the peace of mind for your entire life?

Sure, you can find lesser guarantees. I bought headphones that had a 12-month warranty on them. At the time I bought them I thought this was an unbelievable deal. 12 months? How generous! (Of course they broke around the 15-month mark…) I found an even longer one when I bought a new mattress. They told me I’d get a 10-year warranty with my purchase. Ten years! I almost didn’t believe them.

As good as these warranties made me feel I realize they pale in comparison to the Lifetime Guarantee we are currently offering here at PCH.

Where else nowadays can you find a promise like this? It always seems like as soon as you get something they announce that the newer version of is already on its way out. But this is different. We mean business when we say guarantee. If the matching winning number is timely returned during this Special Early Look event, the winner would receive $7,000 A Week For Life for the rest of their life!

Don’t you see how valuable a guarantee like this is? Weekly payments free you from burdens like debt and bills. More importantly, it means you can do the things you always wished you could!

This prize is authorized for award on April 28th, so enter now if you want to be “Set For Life.” Look all you want, but you won’t find anything that beats this Lifetime Guarantee!

Joe W.
PCH Online Creative

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