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A Story Of Three Angels

Howie and I had the honor of meeting three angels when we were on PCH Prize Patrol duty recently. Let me tell you about them.

The first was Diane Delorier, whom we met at her “Carolina Party” store in Swansboro, North Carolina. Although we had never been to Swansboro before, she ran from the back of the store to welcome us as if we were the most loyal customers in the world. “I just wanted to make sure you were taken care of,” she exclaimed. Then she spotted the insignia on our PCH Prize Patrol blazers. “I can‘t believe this! I recognize you! I see your faces on TV and online – and prayerfully enter your sweepstakes all the time!”

We explained to Diane that we had PCH logo balloons in need of helium (from her store) to present to a local winner with a bouquet of roses and a Big Check – for $25,000. Diane got so excited that she coaxed us to show her a Facebook picture of the winner. “I know her! She comes in here all the time! She’s a wonderful person!” Realizing that Diane was such a devoted PCH fan we invited her to join us as we drove to the winner’s home.

Angel No. 1, Diane

Alas, when we arrived at winner Martha Harrelson’s house at 4:30 PM no one was there. Neighbors were mystified saying she was usually home at this hour. So we (and Diane) decided to wait – and wait – and wait. It was almost 9 PM when we concluded that Martha’s usual routine was somehow altered and that we had to move on to a prize delivery scheduled for Oklahoma the next morning. We “commissioned” Diane as an Official PCH Prize Patrol Deputy, and she enthusiastically agreed to deliver the Big Check, roses and balloons to Martha at the earliest opportunity. What an angel Diane!

 Angel No. 2, Jane

At the crack of dawn we flew from North Carolina to Oklahoma City and drove to nearby Edmond to surprise Jane Carr – with a Big Check for $10,000. This time we found our winner at home, busily baking for a charitable event that night. Retired after 32 years as an OK State employee, Jane is a devout churchwoman and dog-lover. She and her husband Bob dress as clowns (and as Santa and Mrs. Claus “in season”) to entertain kids of all ages and raise money for children’s charities. Jane (known as “Cupcake,” the clown) is definitely Angel # 2! She looks forward to using some prize money for a relaxing cruise – a vacation she clearly deserves.

Angel No. 3, Martha

 Later that day we got a “Mission Accomplished” text message from Diane back in North Carolina. She had tracked down winner Martha who had been attending a meeting of fellow Special Olympics volunteers that turned into an overnight gathering. Martha is indeed Angel # 3. Retired in 2014 after 42 years as a kindergarten teacher, she has a son Seth, a special needs adult. She was thrilled with the $25,000 prize which will provide a vital “nest egg” for Seth’s future care.


We salute these three angels – and are grateful that PCH has such wonderful fans who display the positive values that keep them entering our sweepstakes every chance they get.

Keep the faith, you all.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador


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