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PCH Sweepstakes Have Been Changing Lives for 50 Years

Who could’ve imagined 50 years ago that the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes would become an American institution? Back in 1967, the prizes in our first sweepstakes ranged from 25¢ to $10! Wow, how times have changed!


Like me, I’m sure many of you remember the thick Publishers Clearing House envelope coming in the mail. Opening it, looking at all of the inserts, carefully tearing the perfectly perforated stamps of the magazines I wanted, and making sure Mom sent in the entry. Back then, I was too young to win. Now, as a PCH employee, I’m just ineligible!

For the past 50 years, PCH has been changing the lives of people all across the country with bigger and better prizes – to the tune of over $327,000,000! ! By the 1970s, the PCH Triple Sweepstakes grand prize was $125,000 cash, plus a home, and a new car! Just 10 years later, PCH was offering a $10 million prize and another American icon was born – the Prize Patrol.

Prize Patrol Fun Fact

Want to know more about the first Prize Patrol delivery? Check out this awesome blog!

Planes, Trains, and … A Dog Sled!

Since that first delivery, the Prize Patrol have become intrepid travelers, going to almost unbelievable lengths to make winners’ dream come true. As our “50 Years of Changing Lives” video proves, the Prize Patrol can – literally – rise to the occasion, once delivering an award via helicopter. And in Alaska, their dogged determination resulted in the delivery of a “Big Check” via dog sled! 

The Next 50 Years?

In many ways, Publishers Clearing House has become a de facto clearinghouse for hope. That’s why we continue to receive tens of millions of entries every year. Inside, everyone knows the next entry could be the one!

So far, we’re off to an ambitious start. In 2017, we’ll award more money to more people than ever before! And we plan on changing lives for the better for many years to come.

Enjoy the video and remember to enter!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

P.S. Stay tuned! On Thursday morning, Matt K. will share special blog and video that takes a closer look at moments from PCH’s first 50 years of sweepstakes!


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