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Do you love playing Solitaire? If you do, then you need to check out PCH’s FREE Addiction Solitaire Game! This game is similar to the traditional game of solitaire, BUT, with a twist that makes it more challenging and exciting! Addiction Solitaire can be difficult to master, so let’s review how to play .


  • The goal of Addiction Solitaire is to arrange the cards so that the four 2’s are in the leftmost column, and each row builds up in suit to the right.

How to play

  • All the aces are removed after the deal, which will create four blank positions.
  • You must move an orange highlighted card into one of these blank spaces until all of the cards have been placed from 2 to king.
  • One card can fill a blank position, and it has to be higher in value, AND from the same suit as the card all the way to the left.


  • A move is illegal when the moved card is the same suit as the card to the left of the destination empty space, and one higher in rank than that card.
  • Nothing can be moved to an empty space that has a king or another empty space to the immediate left.
  • You may only move 2’s to the empty spaces in the first row all the way to the left.


  • The most helpful tip for addiction solitaire is to plan ahead. It is wise to think ahead when choosing which 2’s to play to an empty space in the first column.
  • It is also smart to avoid leaving gaps to the right of kings.
  • If you get stuck, don’t worry! Three reshuffles are allowed.

Along with Addiction Solitaire, PCH has many different Solitaire games! Each game has a different twist, making it challenging in a unique way.

Some of these games include Tri-Peaks Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Freecell Solitaire, and Spider Solitaire! The best part is, they’re all FREE to play! So, head on over to Games and start playing!

Have fun and Good luck!

Marissa B.
PCH Creative

P.S. What’s your favorite version of solitaire to play at PCH? Let us know in the comments below!

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